Companies who import or export more than a minimal volume of product to other EC countries have to account for the movements of such goods through a detailed reporting system called Intrastats.

The complexities of Intrastats will defeat many businesses, never mind the excessively time consuming nature of the statistics which have to be recorded and reported. And when Triangulation arises, it will make your head spin.

The Profitmaster Intrastats module is designed to be simple to set up, and then all the statistics are collated automatically, leaving you just to press the button for the reporting phase.

Business Benefits

  • Low cost of compliance
  • Automatic collation, so you can forget about it
  • History available for Health and Safety inspections

Main Features

  • Arrivals
  • Despatches
  • Triangulation
  • Automatic recording of data
  • Supplementary Declarations
  • EC Sales List
  • Distance Sales
  • Detailed statistics
  • History
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