Purchase Order Processing

“We purchased software and hardware from Profitmaster as a complete solution to our IT needs.
...We have found the software to be comprehensive in its standard form, highly resilient and constantly moving forward.”
Hill Brush Company, Wiltshire

Business Benefits

  • Better negotiating position with suppliers
  • Reduce cost of processing Purchase Orders
  • Ensure you have the right goods at the right time

Main Features

  • Purchase Orders
    • Unlimited lines on each order
    • Back to back products
    • Non-stock items
    • Free type lines
    • Recurring / scheduled orders
    • Multi currency
    • Supplier rebates / Buying group rebates
    • Supplier chase up and reminders
  • Goods Inwards
    • Plan for incoming orders
    • Match with purchase order by own or supplier’s code
    • Option to book in all lines automatically, except specified undelivered lines
    • Automatically allocate stock to empty bins
    • Inspection facility for key products
    • Update commitments account
    • Links to Supplier Returns
  • Invoice Posting
    • Match with Purchase Order
    • Additional cost invoices
    • Auto posting facility
  • History
    • Orders
    • Delivery reliability records
    • Quality reliability records
  • Reordering
    • Multiple suppliers for each product
    • Purchase recommendations based on product Usage
    • Buyers order guide
    • Automated purchase orders
  • Importing
    • Landed Costs
    • Freight, Duty, Insurance, Storage and Other costs.
    • Container Tracking
    • Flexible costing analysis
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