ODBC is available so that those users who wish to interrogate the database from an external source can select and export the information they require.
However, within the standard Profitmaster package, the 50 major tables may be exported to ASCII. This facility is free, whereas ODBC is a chargeable module.
As an excellent alternative, for simple reports, a Report Writer module is available.


For those wishing to fax statements, copy invoices, purchase orders, etc. directly from the computer, Profitmaster interfaces with a faxing module. However, our package includes the facility to e-mail all of these, as well as being able to e-mail any of the reports (as long as you have authority to do so).
The e-mail facility is free, but the fax module is chargeable.


The BACS module interfaces payments from Purchase Ledger and Payroll directly to the BACS computer. Where there are significantly high volumes of payments, the lower cost per transaction makes this attractive compared to paying via cheque or using your bank as an intermediary.
The other big advantage to BACS is being able to hold the funds in your account until the processing day.

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