The hotkeys within the Profitmaster system give instant access to the crucial areas of the package at all times.

  • Sales Order Entry
  • Order Maintenance
  • Purchase Orders
  • Quotation entry
  • Customer / Prospect & Supplier details
  • Customer Service
  • Returns

They are designed so that, for example, should a client phone in, you can instantly open the sales order entry screen, take the order, and then return back to exactly what you where doing prior to the telephone call. Should you find that midway though entering an order, your client only requires a quotation you can easily change the order in to a quotation with one key press.

The hotkey facility, when combined with the ease and flexibility of searching within the system, enables you to answer queries and place orders rapidly, improving speed and accuracy when dealing with your customer. This gives them a better service level, enhancing their image of you, and making them prefer to order from you.

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