General Principles

The Profitmaster package is designed for companies primarily in the wholesale and distribution marketplace with a focus on Sales and Profits.

The suite is continually enhanced and new functionality added.

In recent times, additional modules have been added for e-commerce, Safety Data Sheets, and Container tracking (for importers).

If your business profile matches:

  • Taking sales orders
  • Credit control
  • Pick and despatch the products
  • Replenish stock
  • Monitor profitability

then the Profitmaster suite will aid you in increasing your sales and profitability.

One of our special features is hotkeys, which give instant access to the vital functions that your customer will request. No matter what task you are working on, you can press a button and pop-up Order Entry, Quotes, Customer and Stock screens, as well as our Customer Service screens, Purchase Orders, etc.

And from each screen, you can answer a huge variety of questions, thus allowing you to give instant answers to your customer when they are on the phone, and giving them a fast and accurate service.

Thanks to its design, the Profitmaster package also contains very flexible searching capabilities enabling you to search on almost every piece of information stored.

For example, with some software, you are limited to searching for a customer based solely on their customer code, name and postcode. Profitmaster allows you to query the database on any piece of information stored. Regarding the customer, you could search for aged balances, orders placed, last sales date, (and lots more).

Profitmaster not only dramatically improves the ease and speed at which you can find and view the information in your system, but also includes an extensive library of standard management reports. These reports have been created over many years as a direct result of our customers comments and feedback, and are not just limited to audit trails and VAT analysis.