Safety Data Sheets

Where your company supplies hazardous products or chemicals, you will come under the regulations of COSHH.

The major regulation that you must comply with is to provide an up-to-date Safety Data Sheet when delivering to a client who has not been given a recent copy.

Failure to comply can result in the closure of your business.

“We had no easy way of ensuring that the safety data sheet was sent, or was the latest copy. It was extremely time consuming. Profitmaster took the whole problem away.”
Witham Oil & Paint Ltd, Lincoln

Business Benefits

  • Low cost of compliance
  • Automatic: so you can forget about it
  • Multiple formats means you can use the manufacturers Safety Data Sheets

Main Features

  • Automatic production of Safety Data Sheets whenever required
  • Delivery address details automatically picked up from Sales Order Processing
  • Safety Data Sheets in multiple formats
    • Adobe Acrobat PDF
    • Jpeg
    • Windows Bitmap (BMP)
    • GIF
  • Choice of delivery method
    • Print
    • Fax
    • E-mail
  • Minor revisions
  • Major revisions, automatically sent to all recent customers
  • Reprint intervals
  • Covering letters
  • History